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Creative Financing 

How to Pivot in Today's Market

Wednesday December 14th @ 4pm CST

LeAnn Riley & Tim Swierczek

LeAnn interviews Tim Swierczek, Branch Manager & Loan Officer at The Tim Swierczek Team powered by PCL Financial Group. Tim is a mortgage geek who is known for his knowledge of mortgage guidelines, ability to handle complex income and unique customer situations. Tim aspires to provide exceptional service to homebuyers and investors. Landlord Guide-Investment Lending Pro

A business-development and origination expert who owns his own brokerage and has worked in the mortgage industry for over seventeen years, Tim has served on the board of directors of the Minnesota Mortgage Association (MMA) for over 5 years. He is also the Former President of Minnesota Mortgage Association (MMA), 2010-2011.

Watch, listen, learn, get your questions answered. See you there!

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