NEXT MEETING: April 12th @ 4pm CST

Build To Rent

Wednesday April 12th @ 4pm CST

LeAnn Riley & Ian Peterson

Join LeAnn Riley and Ian Peterson on Wednesday, April 12th @ 4pm CDT for "Build To Rent". Learn what "Build to Rent" is and how it is affecting the housing market! 

• How the Numbers Work
• New Developments
• Community Amenities

And more!

Don't miss out!

LeAnn Riley teaches Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE and leads the Encore Investment Team in MN. LeAnn built a $14M portfolio including residential, multi-family, condo development, commercial, and vacation properties.

Her Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program helps ambitious people build a step-by-step roadmap to a 6-figure income by creating a real estate portfolio of winning cash flow properties. 

Ian Peterson, President / Owner at Integrate Properties, LLC - has "build-to-rent" communities in Albertville and Victoria, featuring 1,300 to 3,000 square foot homes. Former Director of Operations for Watermark of Equity Group. Instrumental in almost all "build-to-rent" communities in the Twin Cities. 


Watch, listen, learn, get your questions answered. See you there!

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