How to Get Started and Scale as a Successful Real Estate Investor

  • Learn the 7 Steps to be a successful investor
  • Discover how to get started or grow as a real estate investor without confusion or fear
  • Understand how to earn cash flow quickly


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"I couldn't figure out how to buy my first property. LeAnn's training taught me the numbers! I got my house with $1k down.

I did work with my contractor and now have a new kitchen and baths. Can't believe just 6 months ago I was renting and had no idea I qualified to invest."

Dean + Renae

"LeAnn's coaching and mentoring helped us build our portfolio to 50 units. She has helped us every step of the way.

She is professional and keeps up on the current market and trends. We can't say enough about our experience with LeAnn and feel grateful to work with her."


"The free training was just what I needed to get me going. I needed help to sort out which strategy was best for me.

After working with LeAnn, I'm not afraid of buying another property. I'm not thinking of everything that could go wrong, I'm thinking of everything that could go right!"

Meet LeAnn

LeAnn Riley has been teaching the art of Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE for over 25 years. She helps ambitious people get started building real estate investing income without fear or confusion. She helps you acquire cash flowing properties quickly.

LeAnn built a multi-million-dollar portfolio of properties including residential, multi-family, condo development, commercial and vacation properties across several states.

As a Realtor, LeAnn leads the Encore Investment Team to help buy, sell or invest in the Twin Cities, MN.

"LeAnn is a great real estate investment coach and mentor. Over the past few months I have grown to consider her a true friend. Her ability to simplify how real estate investment works within anyone's goals offers amazing opportunities for all levels of investors.

Her knowledge, experience, integrity, great communication skills, and Proven Profit Formula strategies have contributed and complemented greatly into my goals in real estate investing. Thanks LeAnn for getting me off the couch."

- Russ


Learn the 7 steps to be a successful investor. Get instant access below:

In this FREE training for real estate investors, LeAnn will cover the 7 steps needed to be a successful investor

  1. Leverage your wealth: How to use the cash and credit you’ve earned to maximize your return on investment
  2. Identify your investment vision: How to develop a wealthy mindset to be a savvy investor
  3. Know your numbers: How to tell a good deal from a bad deal with cold, hard math
  4. Grow the numbers: Advanced tips to increase your return through rent, renovations, and management
  5. Cover your bases: How to double and triple check investments before you sign on the dotted line
  6. Choose your power team: How to find the experts you need on call for the highest-value deal
  7. Spring into action: Develop your personal blueprint to find deals and grow a portfolio